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The IX open all-Russian tournament for the prizes of the D. G. Mindiashvili Academy of Wrestling took place in Krasnoyarsk.

The tournament for the prizes of the Academy is traditionally held shortly before the Grand at “Ivan Yarygin”. The last battle check before the important starts, the opportunity for the coaches to form the final application for the Yaryginsky tournament.

However, one should not perceive the tournament for the prizes of the Academy solely as an auxiliary one. He is valuable in himself. This is evidenced by the number and geography of participants, as well as articles in many sports blogs, for example, as in the Parimatch blog article So, this year 429 athletes from fifteen regions of Russia, as well as from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan took part in the tournament. The piggy bank of the Krasnoyarsk Wrestling Academy awards was replenished with eleven gold, three silver and seven bronze medals.

Women competed in seven weight categories. Six representatives of the national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory became winners. They are Elena Vostrikova (48 kg), Lyubov Oleinikova (55 kg), Anna Polovneva (59 kg), Evgenia Atamanova (63 kg), Yulia Bartnovskaya (67 kg) and Alena Starodubtseva (72 kg).

Men competed in eight weight categories, and also competed for the title of the absolute champion of the tournament. Five Krasnoyarsk residents took first places: Opan Sat (60 kg), Israil Kasumov (66 kg), Isa Daudov (74 kg), Albert Saritov (84 kg), Kirill Gotovtsev (120 kg). The title of the absolute champion of the tournament for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy was awarded to the representative of the national team of the Republic of Buryatia Baldan Tsyzhipov.

In many respects, this tournament became a record. All days of the competition, there were no free spectator seats in the hall, and the number of participants turned out to be the largest in the entire nine-year history of the tournament. About the role of the tournament for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy in the sports life of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the importance of these competitions for Russian and foreign participants – in our selection of blitz interviews following the tournament. So, the opinions of professionals.

Viktor Alekseev, head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

– The tournament for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy is the best exam before the main start of the year, the Yarygin tournament, this is a good preparatory period that gives the guys confidence in their strengths. And the increasing number of participants in the CHANCHIKOV tournament for the Academy prizes is a wonderful tool for honing skills: the more participants, the tougher the competition, and the wrestlers grow up just in competition, in partnership. Our guys fought well. Those from whom they expected high results showed them. Now we expect them to win at the Yarygin tournament.

Unfortunately, our favorites such as world champion Viktor Lebedev and world champion among students Yuri Belonovsky could not fight at the Academy tournament. Victor fell ill. And Yura was drafted into the army last autumn and is now undergoing the so-called course of a young soldier in a military unit in Zheleznogorsk. After taking the oath, we hope he will be released for training and he will be able to take part in the Ivan Yarygin tournament.

Dmitry Mindiashvili , President of the Academy of Wrestling:

– From year to year, the tournament for the prizes of the Academy gathers more and more participants. Both from different regions of Russia and from abroad. What attracts wrestlers to our tournament? Firstly, these are our good traditions, our warmth, our hospitality. Secondly, the high skill of our athletes, because without sparring with strong opponents, a wrestler cannot grow. The winners of the Academy tournament often become the winners of the Yarygin tournament, and then reach the level of European championships, World Cups and so on. Well, thirdly, it is the high quality of preparation and conduct of all our competitions. Definitely, the level of the tournament is growing every year. And today we understand that the tournament for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy has outgrown the name “all-Russian”. We intend to submit a petition to FILA to grant the tournament international status.

Usin Zhanat (Kazakhstan), senior coach of the national team of Pavlodar region:

– For our team, this tournament is a qualifying stage in preparation for the championship of the republic. The level of these competitions is very high in terms of competition in all weight categories. This allows you to identify the best guys; if they can fight with such rivals, then it is worth investing in them, and they will continue to show decent results.

Krasnoyarsk has a very strong wrestling school. A whole galaxy of Olympic champions grew up here. There is the Institute of Combat Sports, a scientific laboratory, a wonderful sports complex of the Academy of Wrestling. All this creates an environment for honing sportsmanship. In addition, the tournament for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy is a very significant event in political terms: many countries come, friendly ties are being established through wrestling.

Sergey Gurov , Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy Krasnoyarsk Territory:

– Freestyle wrestling is a priority sport in the region today. At the same time, it is the fourth kind of sport in the region in terms of mass proportion, in terms of medal intensity it is the number one kind, in terms of development in municipalities this kind is also in first place. The Krasnoyarsk wrestling school is famous for its coaches, for its traditions and is the forge of great athletes who show themselves not only in sports, but also in life in general. It is the level of the sports school that attracts such a large number of participants to our wrestling competitions. And this, in turn, increases the prestige of the region in the eyes of the world sports community and, of course, promotes the popularization of wrestling among the inhabitants of the region.

According to the results of the tournament, the national teams of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in freestyle and women’s wrestling will be formed for the prizes of the Wrestling Academy to participate in the Ivan Yarygin Golden Grand Prix tournament. Until January 28, our wrestlers, together with representatives of other Russian and foreign national teams, will prepare for the Yarygin tournament at a training camp, which takes place at the sports complex of the Academy of Wrestling.

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