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An amazing history of development: for several years, the freestyle wrestling competition for the championship of the Soviet region turned into a major tournament included in the official calendar of the International Wrestling Federation. And Harry Potter or Old Man Hottabych didn’t have a hand in this. And not even Hmayak Hakobyan. So Krasnoyarsk thanks the great champion Buvaysar Saytiev, for whose prizes the wrestling forum is being held, which took place last weekend and became the sixth in a row.

The scale and scope of the event were felt throughout. If at most tournaments a tense, tense atmosphere usually reigns, then here it was a little discharged by enthusiastic, genuine curiosity literally hovering in the air. Still, not every time children of seventeen and younger fight in competitions in which their foreign peers participate. In fact, “Saytievsky” is the only tournament of such a high level among cadets in the world.

– It seems to me that at this age the formation of a fighter takes place, – Buvaysar Saytiev shares his observation. – If at the age of 16 there is a foundation, a base, then a guy can become a champion. This is a transitional moment when a person is determined in life: to be an athlete or to start doing some other activity. Therefore, we wanted to gather wrestlers of this age in order to pass on our experience to them, to try to help. I also had the same uncertainty. But I was lucky and ended up in Krasnoyarsk, where with the help of coaches and many other people who provided support, I managed to satisfy my ambitions. After all, not everyone will succeed, probably, to overcome five thousand kilometers and find their happiness.

The renowned wrestler himself was all the time surrounded by a crowd of young fans, with whom he took pictures, gave them autographs or just talked. And Saitiev asked each of them for a name. For the guys, the careful treatment of such a condemned person means a lot. Perhaps this very moment will give an additional incentive, a new impetus in their career.

The tournament was attended by 269 athletes from 22 territories, including neighboring countries and Mongolia. Part of the participants’ expenses for accommodation and meals were covered by the tournament organizers. At the same time, they made sure that the wrestlers feel comfortable in the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace. Long-distance and international communications were organized for athletes and guests of honor. The competitions were broadcast online on the Internet on the websites of Krassport and the Maxima multiservice network (which, by the way, was responsible for technical nuances), and everyone could watch them, in particular friends and relatives of the tournament guests. Webcams were installed in the hall, with the help of which it was possible to observe the fights of the guys from different points. In addition, a WI-FI zone worked in the sports complex.

Athletes in case of successful performance, in addition to moral satisfaction, received decent material. The winner was awarded twenty-five thousand rubles, as well as an annual insurance policy for an amount four times the size of the prize for the first place. Silver and bronze medalists got five and ten thousand, respectively. The champion’s coach was entitled to a reward equal to that received by the athlete who took the bronze. In general, here, probably, one cannot do without a truism like “everything was at the highest level”. And this was confirmed by the FILA technical delegate, who assessed the quality of the tournament.

– I am proud that I am at these competitions in such a status, – said the representative of the International Wrestling Federation, the judge of the Olympic category Eizhan Sharifov. – After the end of the tournament in 2007, they gave me the floor at the banquet, and I wished that Buvaisar won another gold medal of the main Four-Year Games. And I am glad that such a magnificent tournament is named after our friend, a three-time Olympic champion. The intensity of passion is felt in every fight. There are a lot of promising athletes here, and I’m sure some of them will become Olympic champions in the future. These competitions are highly commendable. On the downside, I would say only a weak refereeing. On the first day, I intervened on a couple of points. The referees’ mistakes are due to lack of experience or, perhaps, they just do little work on themselves.

Wrestlers from the Krasnoyarsk Territory performed triumphantly at the tournament, having won 14 medals of various denominations. The first places were taken by Artak Magakyan (63 kg), Timur Oorzhak (69 kg), Akhmed Gazikov (76 kg), Karapet Harutyunyan (85 kg) and Bashir Harsiev (over 120 kg). Silver was won by Murad Nukhkadiev (50 kg), Roman Vershinsky (58 kg), Maxim Borodkin (over 120 kg). Shohrukh Sharifov (42 kg), Elvin Valiev (63 kg), Ramazi Kharebashvili (85 kg), Ilya Lysenko (85 kg) and Ilya Lugan (over 120 kg) climbed to the third step of the podium.

After the competition was closed, Buvaysar Saitiev expressed hope that someday they will turn into a great celebration for the audience with an abundance of bright entertainment programs. That would really be great. After all, such a move would attract many people, which, of course, would have a serious impact on the popularization of freestyle wrestling. There is a feeling that these times are not far off. Now we can only say one thing: the next tournament will definitely be better than the current one.

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