Four medals of Krasnoyarsk citizens

On June 24-26, the Russian Greco-Roman wrestling championship was held for the first time in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The competition was attended by 222 athletes from all over Russia.

The strongest classic wrestlers met in fights on the carpets of the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace. The national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory was represented by 24 wrestlers. At the end of the championship, our team has 4 medals: 2 gold and 2 bronze.

On the first day of the championship – June 24 – athletes of weight categories up to 55 kg, 60 kg competed. The first gold of the championship was won by Bekkhan Mankiev (up to 55 kg). One after another, he defeated his rivals in qualifying matches and in the final defeated Ivan Tatarinov from the Novosibirsk region. Before that, Bekhan had never managed to take gold in the Chechen Republic, his main achievements: bronze at the 2009 European Championship, gold at the Ivan Poddubny Grand Prix -2009, bronze at the 2008 Russian Championship. In the Chechen Republic in Krasnoyarsk, Bekkhan Mankiev was supported by his brother Nazir Mankiev, the 2008 Olympic champion. Nazir himself did not participate in the competition due to injury.

On the second day of the championship, wrestlers of three weight categories competed: up to 66, 74 and 84 kg. A graduate of the regional wrestling academy, master of sports – Adam Kurak (up to 66 kg) entered the fight for prizes. In the semifinals, Adam lost to the master of sports of international class, champion of the Grand Prix “Ivan Poddubny” Yuri Denisov. In the fight for the third place, Adam Kurak defeated the Muscovite Andrei Klinyaev and became the bronze medalist of the 2011 Russian Championship.

The third day of the championship (weight categories up to 96 and 120 kg) was the most generous of surprises. One of the main contenders for the victory – the Olympic champion-2008 – Krasnoyarsk Aslanbek Khushtov (up to 96 kg) by the will of fate could not reach the final and competed for the third place. In a fierce duel with Sergei Yaroshevich (Moscow) Khushtov won a bronze medal.

Another Krasnoyarsk player – Nikita Melnikov – managed to break through to the final, where he overcame Rustam Totrov (Tyumen / North Ossetia-Alania) and became the champion of Russia in the weight category up to 96 kg. Melnikov confirmed the title of champion of Russia, in 2010 he also won gold at the Russian Championship. Aslanbek Khushtov did not participate in the last Chechen Republic.

Nikita Melnikov : “I did not expect that I would take the first place today. Of course, I’m very glad! I cannot say that I surpassed Aslanbek, I was just lucky, but he was a little unlucky. Many thanks to all the fans, the support was very felt and helped. ”

Aslanbek Khushtov :“ On the one hand, I am happy to win, but, of course, I was tuned in to the first place. And although I purposefully prepared for the championship, today I mobilized my strength, still a little failed. This is a sport, in martial arts it happens in different ways. So there is still something to work on. ”

Four medals are a good result. Compared to the Russian championship last year, our team has improved its performance. In 2010, 2 gold and 1 bronze medals were won.

Gogi Koguashvili , head coach of the Russian national Greco-Roman wrestling team: “I am pleased with the way the Russian championship was held in Krasnoyarsk. Everything is very good, at a decent level. Krasnoyarsk is indeed a sports city. The strongest wrestlers have gathered here. Many bettors bet on the victory of these fighters. On the website of the bookmaker Parimatch, there are bets not only on fights, but also on esports —, as well as the best odds among all bookmakers. The national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory has a great future. There are very good coaches here who have already trained more than one champion. And here’s another future star – Nikita Melnikov. I think he can become an Olympic champion. ”

Let’s add that the winners of the Russian Championship will represent our country at the upcoming World Championship. After the Chechen Republic, the national Greco-Roman wrestling team of our country is 90% formed, in addition to the first numbers, it will also include the Olympians Nazir Mankiev and Aslanbek Khushtov. The first licenses for the 2012 Olympic Games will be awarded at the World Championships in Istanbul in September.

Winners and prize-winners of the Russian Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship-2011

Weight category up to 55 kg.
1st place: Bekkhan Mankiev (MSMK, Krasnoyarsk Territory)
2nd place: Ivan Tatarinov (MS, Novosibirsk region)
3rd place: Sergey Poprushko (MSMK, Tyumen region / KhMAO), 3rd place: Damir Akhmedzyanov (MSMK, Republic of Bashkortostan)

Weight category up to 60 kg.
1st place: Zaur Kuramagomedov (MSMK, Rostov region / KBR)
2nd place: Vyacheslav Justte (MSMK, Krasnodar region).
3rd place: Maxim Karpov (MSMK, Nizhny Novgorod region)
3rd place: Ivan Kuylakov (MSMK, Tver / Novosibirsk region)

Weight category up to 66 kg.
1st place: Yuri Denisov (MSMK, St. Petersburg / Rostov)
2nd place: Mihran Harutyunyan (MSMK, Moscow)
3rd place: Adam Kurak (MS, Krasnoyarsk Territory) 3rd place: Islam-Beka Albiev (ZMS, Olympic champion-2008, Moscow / Chechen Republic)

Weight category up to 74 kg
1st place: Roman Vlasov ( MSMK, Novosibirsk region) 2nd place: Imil Sharafetdinov (MSMK, Moscow) 3rd place: Alexander Chekhirkin (MSMK, Rostov region) 3rd place: Ilyas Magomadov (MSM, Moscow)

Weight category up to 84 kg
1st place: Alexey Mishin (ZMS, Olympic champion-2004, Mordovia)
2nd place: Alan Khugaev (MSMK, Moscow / RNO-Alania) 3rd place: Oleg Shokalov (MSMK, Krasnodar Territory / KBR) 3rd place: Zaur Karezhev (MSMK, Moscow / KBR)

Weight category up to 96 kg 1st place: Nikita Melnik ov (MSMK, Krasnoyarsk Territory)
2nd place: Rustam Totrov (MSMK, Tyumen / RNO-Alania)
3rd place: Aslanbek Khushtov (ZMS, Olympic champion-2008 , Krasnoyarsk Territory / KBR)
3rd place: Konstantin Efimov (MSMK, Khabarovsk Territory)

Weight category up to 120 kg
1st place: Artem Doronin (MS, Krasnodar Territory)
2nd place: Alexander Anuchin (MSMK, Novosibirsk region)
3rd place: Aslan Dadov (MS, KBR)
3rd place: Alexander Yekimov (MS, Novosibirsk region).

Note: MS – master of sports, MSMK – international master of sports, ZMS – honored master of sports.

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