Go for it, young men, go for it!

Five years ago, the first youth freestyle wrestling tournament for the prizes of Buvaysar Saytiev started with the rank of the open championship of the Soviet region. Then neither the Olympic champion himself, nor the head of the administration Alexander Konovaltsev, apparently, did not expect that the competition would soon acquire international status. But, as then, the main goal of the tournament, Buvaysar Saytiev sees in the fact that as many young wrestlers as possible open the door to the world of big sport, could measure their strength with their peers from other regions of the country or even countries.

By the way, at the fifth international tournament for Buvaysar Saytiev’s prizes under the arches of the Yaryginsky Palace of Sports, in addition to Russians from 12 regions of the country, 16-18-year-old athletes from Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan contested the victory. Another significant feature of the tournament was that the prologue to it was the “Tell your mom how you love her” campaign. Its members formed the huge word “mom” and then released balloons into the sky. Buvaysar Saitiev’s mother, Belizha Zubaevna, addressed the tournament participants with a special video message broadcast using a huge monitor. She wished the young wrestlers an honest and bright fight, a happy sports career. Belizha Zubaevna knows firsthand what it is to raise an Olympic champion and how much work it takes to win a gold medal, because there are four of them in her family collection. Three medals of Buvaisar and one of Adam, her other son. Moreover, the “gold” of Atlanta, Athens and Beijing Saitiev Sr. was displayed next to the wrestling carpets. Young athletes were able not only to take a good look at the medals, take pictures next to them, but also feel the magic and energy of Olympic victories.

Perhaps this helped the Krasnoyarsk heavyweight wrestlers (120 kg) Alexander Karpeko and Vadim Tutkov to confidently defeat all their rivals on the way to the final. The decisive match was more collected and active by Alexander. He won the first round with a score of 2: 0. In the second, Karpenko also didn’t let anyone doubt his advantage – 3: 0. Our Khamzat Matiev (85 kg) was also close to victory, but his rival from Uzbekistan, Sibhogon Tashbilatov, showed himself to be a more skillful and strong-willed fighter and won. Another Krasnoyarsk athlete Elmaddin Abdurakhmanov won the third prize. On the second day of the competition, Maxim Nadeev (63 kg) and Alexander Zelenkov (76 kg) had a chance to get gold medals for our team, and Yanus Yandiev (63 kg) won the bronze. However, only Yandiev won the fights. His victories were predicted by many professionals from the site https://uob.ac.tz/. So if you have a bad feeling about the match, then you can check the forecast on this site. Nadeev and Zelenkov lost to their counterparts – Petr Petrov and Araik Poghosyan, who represented the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Kemerovo region. Moreover, let the athletes and their coaches forgive me, it seemed to me: either our finalists on the way to the main fights simply emptied their reserves – energy and emotional, – or they were counting only on the mistakes of their opponents. Which, by definition, is a losing business, because in the finals the strongest athletes converge on the carpet. At the same time, both Nadeev and Zelenkov performed the preliminary fights brightly, spectacularly and efficiently. What’s the matter – the athletes themselves must answer in the future. Defeats should also teach you how to get stronger. And this is also an important feature of the Saytiev tournament school, as the three-time Olympic champion himself spoke about.

And Buvaisar also noted that he managed to implement almost all of the plans for a successful forum of young freestyle wrestlers. And first of all, the organization of the tournament.
– For this, I would like to express my special gratitude to the administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk and the Ministry of Sports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. They have been holding major tournaments for more than one year, their hand, as they say, is full – and they once again confirmed their high organizational level. All participants showed a very high level of struggle, very high! There were contractions that I frankly enjoyed. This is not surprising – suffice it to say that the national teams of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan brought all the first numbers at their age.

In addition to the named athletes, the winners in their weight categories were: Russians Dozurash Kara-Mongush (42 kg) , Kezhim Dongak (46 kg), Vitaly Chichinov (50 kg), Mengi Mortui-Ool (58 kg), Alexey Sabidaev (69 kg), Sergey Smertev (100 kg), as well as Sulkhan Tashbulatov (85 kg) from Uzbekistan and Rasul Kaliev (54 kg) from Kazakhstan. The main prize of the organizing committee – the Lada car – was awarded to Alexander Karpeko. Special prizes were also awarded to Khikmatullo Vakhidov from Uzbekistan (weight category up to 48 kg), Mengi Mortui-Ool, Yunus Yandiev and Sulkhan Tashbulatov.

Buvaysar himself liked Mengi Mortui-ool from the Republic of Tuva the most. This is the fourth time he comes to the Saytiev tournament – and he wins for the fourth time. “Mengi is a very promising guy, I advise you to take a closer look at him,” Saitiev said. “Well, how his sports destiny will turn out depends on him.”

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