Harsh men’s games in Engels

The small town of Engels, located in the Saratov region, in addition to its sonorous name, is known for the fact that it houses one of the world’s largest air bases. The All-Russian tournament among youths born in 1995-1996 in Greco-Roman wrestling in memory of the legendary Krasnoyarsk athlete Ivan Yarygin is also held there annually. But only at the twelfth competitions in a row did the young fellow countrymen of the two-time Olympic champion compete. And How! But first things first.

Probably, immediately there will be people who, having found a trick, extremely satisfied with their ingenuity, with a pompous look, will ask: “What has Ivan Yarygin and classical wrestling? ” Despite the fact that the great athlete was primarily a freestyle, at the dawn of his career, he took part in competitions in other sports. So, for example, in Biysk, where a tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling among young men was held, Yarygin took first place on the move, receiving, moreover, the prize “For the best technique”. By the way, he was surprised a lot. And since we are talking about the versatility and talent of the Siberian, one cannot fail to mention that he won the SAMBO championship of the Armed Forces, being awarded the title of Master of Sports. Recall that in the military unit in Engels the strategic missile carrier-bomber TU-160 was named “Ivan Yarygin”, and a little later another military aircraft TU-95 – “Krasnoyarsk”. As you can see, there are enough reasons to organize a tournament in memory of the two-time Olympic champion in Engels, far from us, and even in Greco-Roman wrestling. It was organized and carried out by the command of the air force jointly with the Ivan Yarygin Interregional Charitable Public Foundation for the Promotion of Sports, of which Natalya Yarygina is the president.

Among the eleven members of the national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory are the winners and prize-winners of the championship of the Siberian Federal District. But not all the strongest fighters ended up in Engels.

– We arrived practically with the “second” line-up, – said the team’s coach Anatoly Sysin. – It was a rewarding trip for the kids, because the “first” numbers often go to competitions, and the rest will lose to them at the regional championship and stay at home. The guys themselves claim that they fought with absolutely new rivals for them. In Krasnoyarsk, they know everyone in one way or another. For example, a strong team from Kazakhstan came to the Volga. Good, technical, tough guys.

It was all the more interesting to compete with the newly minted champions of the country, who won titles in battles on Dagestan carpets, where Krasnoyarsk and other Siberian teams did not leave for security reasons. In addition to sports, one of the tasks of the voyage was the desire to take a closer look at the conditions of the guys’ potential duty station. Perhaps someone wants to connect his life with military affairs. After all, not for everyone, wrestling will subsequently become a profession, but in any case it will have a positive impact on the future fate.

The team got the opportunity to go to Engels thanks to the financial assistance of the city’s Greco-Roman wrestling federation, headed by another famous Siberian wrestler – Alexei Shumakov, and the Krasnoyarsk regional fund for support of patriotic education “Derzhava”. The Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of the region allocated a uniform, and Krassport – a statuette of Yarygin – for the museum of sports glory of aviators.

In total, about 120 people from seven regions of the country, including Moscow, Astrakhan and Saratov, as well as Kazakhstan, fought at the competitions. Our fighters literally made a splash, finishing most of their fights ahead of schedule.

– We have a strong team spirit, – said Andrey Kozlov, executive director of the Krasnoyarsk Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation. – And everyone noted it. Then they said that our guys stood out not only in their uniforms, in their beautiful red suits. When one of our wrestlers competed, others were nearby and supported. The rest did not have such unity.

As a result, seven representatives of the regional capital left with awards of various denominations. Dmitry Ustin (54 kg) and Azer Allakhveranov (85 kg) became the winners. Silver medals were won by Alexander Orlov (58 kg). Vlad Pustoshinsky (50 kg), Oleg Kovalev (63 kg), Vusal Gashimov (63 kg) and Dmitry Papodko (76 kg) climbed to the third step of the podium. And in the team standings, the guys took third place, displacing the last year’s bronze winner – the Moscow team. This was a big surprise for everyone, except, of course, Krasnoyarsk residents.

Undoubtedly, the atmosphere of patriotism that reigned in the military town, at the airfield, where the boys saw officers as people of honor, ready to defend each other and their country, played a role in the success. During the tournament, the guys visited the long-range aviation museum, examined military aircraft on excursions, talked with flight engineers, ate in the officers’ mess … Hospitable hosts tried to pay maximum attention to the fighters. So, at the awards ceremony, the presenter asked the athlete from our city Oleg Krinitsky: “Would you like to serve in our unit?” – “Yes” – “Then you will receive a present from the guard of Lieutenant Colonel Krinitsky.” The guy was awarded a prize for his character: he was sick for several days, and his performance was in doubt. Oleg lost body weight and fought in weight up to 76 kilograms, where he took fifth place, although he had to perform in the heavier category – 85 kg. The aura of male mutual assistance and openness could not but leave its beneficial imprint. As well as a competent connection to the tournament, the right attitude, tactical tips, which were largely provided by the mentor, Anatoly Sysin, who made a great contribution to the successful performance of the team. By the way, there are practically no conditions for training in his native Kansk, although there are long traditions of Greco-Roman wrestling in this city, and athletes have repeatedly won tournaments of the highest level. There was a good gym, but it was taken away … Now young wrestlers are forced to train in a place that is more suitable for storing perishable food: in winter there is freezing temperature.

Krasnoyarsk residents made their debut at the competition in Engels and immediately became one of its main characters. It is difficult to imagine a different situation, because this is a tournament in memory of their fellow countryman Ivan Yarygin.

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