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Pupils of the Greco-Roman “faculty” of the Krasnoyarsk ShVSM in wrestling, Olympic champions Aslanbek Khushtov and Nazyr Mankiev, together with the bronze medalist of the European Championship Bekkhan Mankiev, the champion of the country Adam Kurak, the silver medalist of the Russian championship Amin Laipanovuch and Rustamanov on training camp of the national team to prepare for the world championship.

Now the wrestlers are in Kabardino-Balkaria. Why there? As Mikhail Gamzin, head of the Greco-Roman wrestling department of the ShVSM, told us, training in mid-altitude conditions allows athletes to reach a higher level of functional training, to lay the foundation for the necessary physical qualities that will allow the body of athletes to successfully “digest” high loads.

– Methodology this was tested back in the days of the Soviet Union, – explains Mikhail Alexandrovich, – it was successfully used in the preparation of the national team by the legendary mentor Gennady Andreevich Sapunov, taking the wrestlers to the Kislovodsk region. The lack of oxygen stimulates the circulatory system of the body, the athlete’s lungs to adapt to the same conditions that the athlete faces during the fight. The fact is that in a duel, wrestlers burn their energy at a rate that causes oxygen starvation in them. And it is not enough to endure, to overcome, to force yourself to fight further, you need the body to be ready to work without slowing down.

However, natural factors will have a positive effect only if the athletes did not bask in the sun before the training camp in the mountains, but arrived at the base camp in good shape. That is why, in Krasnoyarsk, Mikhail Gamzin offered very solid loads to the leading athletes and a group of promising youth in training. And here’s another plus for the basket of practicing trainers. Sports literati dictate to them that groups of different ages and sportsmanship should be dealt with separately. Almost all great coaches fought with this official canon, including such legendary mentors as Anatoly Tarasov (ice hockey) or Viktor Alekseev (athletics). Each of them trained more than fifty Olympic, world and European champions. Gamzin is also a supporter of champions and young wrestlers to boil in the same broth – salty from sweat and cool from strong male work. The stars are ashamed to yield to the juniors, and those, seeing how the Olympians plow, try to keep up with them. All this, of course, is under the control of an experienced mentor who can always keep the ardor of the young and hot on time so that they do not overload.

– I am very pleased with how all the guys – both the leading athletes and those who are about to open up – have worked, conscientiously, – says Gamzin, – and some even surprised me with their test results. They improved very well in terms of strength. It makes me happy. As for the prospects for participation in the World Championship, which will be held at the end of summer in Denmark, it seems to me that in the 55 kg weight class, where Nazyr and Bekkhan Mankievs compete, and in the Khushtov weight category – 96 kg, we should not give tickets to Denmark. As for Adam Kurak, Amir Laipanov and Rustam Khuchbarov, there is still time before the London Olympics, and it is more important for them to gain skill during this period, to get stronger morally. After all, it is important not just to go to the “world” or “Europe”, but to become a champion there. The entire leadership of the Russian national team, headed by its head coach Gogi Nurmanovich Kugashvili, a five-time world champion, thinks this way. And the athlete will be taken to the main starts only when the coaches of the national team are confident in him. Those who knock on the doors of the main team are tested in international tournaments. So, Adam Kurak should soon participate in a strong tournament in Poland.

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