“Ivan Yarygin” is many-sided

Twenty countries, 267 athletes, another 150 representatives of delegations – XXI tournament “Ivan Yarygin”, however, like all the previous ones, was magnificent in its human diversity.

Speech Japanese, English, Korean, French, Mongolian and others rushed in a continuous stream, spitting out individual phrases into the space electrified by intense contractions, understandable without any translation. Moreover, when communicating with foreigners, knowledge of languages ​​was sometimes not even necessary at all: Russian-speaking specialists in a wrestling environment penetrated all over the world. And no one is surprised if their own coach acts as a translator for athletes, as, for example, for the Spaniards or Americans. In general, get acquainted – “Ivan Yarygin” in faces.

Judge beauty – long braid

Dark blue jacket, gray trousers, yellow tie – the usual wrestling referee uniform. It is unusual what she is wearing on a woman. Until recently, Lubsan-Ish Bolorma from Mongolia was the only representative of the fair sex in the judging corps of the “Ivan Yarygin” tournament. This year the men’s company was diluted by Noravard Arustamyan, or, as her colleagues call her, Nora.

A beautiful Armenian woman lives in Moscow. She herself was engaged in wrestling for five years, but injuries prevented her from continuing her career on the carpet. One day she was asked to judge a children’s competition. Then they asked again and again with the same request. And so it started. “In general, it all happened by accident,” laughs Nora. “I never intended to judge or love wrestling so much.”

Girls judge not only women’s fights, where, of course, it is much easier for her. Nora Arustamyan also goes to the men’s fights. She says that it can be scary, because not all wrestlers are used to seeing a female referee. Therefore, she tunes in to the stronger sex much more seriously.
– Men make more movements, their wrestling is completely different, more active, – says Nora. “They can do so much in one minute. Moreover, the tournament is very representative in Krasnoyarsk, the strongest wrestlers gather, who argue for gold medals. And a lot depends on your every mistake. And to me, as to a woman, attention is more intent. A man can still be forgiven for a mistake, but a woman cannot.
By the way, in the judiciary, where total male superiority reigns, women are rather loyal to women. At least Nora does not complain about her colleagues – on the contrary, she admits that they help her a lot with advice. It is interesting that the Armenian woman judges not only freestyle wrestling, but also classical wrestling, which is quite a rare occurrence even among men.

Hello, Africa!

The list of the delegation of Senegal, which first came to the tournament “Ivan Yarygin”, only two people: the athlete Laura Annabel Ali, weighing up to 72 kilograms, and trainer Isaac Mpia. Although, in fact, the girl is a citizen of Cameroon, and her mentor is a Frenchman working under the FILA program, the International Federation of Unified Wrestling, in Senegal. It is there that the center for training athletes is located.

– In Senegal, wrestling is popular, mainly among men, and its beach version is very developed, – said Isaac Mpia. – But women’s wrestling is more developed in Cameroon. Annabelle, for example, is the African champion, and at the last world championship she finished ninth. We are now preparing for the Olympic Games. This tournament is very strong, so we came here. We know that if you want to be a strong fighter, you have to go to Russia, as there is a lot of competition here.

By the way, a month before the World Championship in Denmark last year, 24-year-old Ali Annabelle took part in another world championship – in beach wrestling and became the winner in weight over 70 kilograms. It is interesting that in the second weight category – up to 70 kilograms – another pupil of Isaac Mpia, Isabel Sambu, won. Moreover, at the Ivan Yarygin tournament, she was supposed to compete in weight up to 51 kilograms, but she did not come to Krasnoyarsk.

The performance in Yarygin language was very difficult for an African woman. In the semifinals, Ali met with Russian Elena Perepelkina and won both periods. However, the judges mistakenly gave the first of them to Perepelkina, and when Annabelle had already begun to rejoice at her victory, she found that she was again invited to the carpet. The third period remained with the Russian athlete, which did not satisfy the representatives of the Black Continent at all. After the end of the morning part of the competition, Mpia had a long and very emotional conversation with the technical delegates of FILA and eventually reached Natalia Yarygina herself, the widow of the two-time Olympic champion. Through her, the Frenchman managed to contact FILA President Rafael Martinetti, who also came to Krasnoyarsk. The Italian reviewed the video of the fight and delivered a verdict: to give the victory to Cameroon, and to disqualify the judges who made the wrong decision. Elena Perepelkina, from her frustration, refused to fight for third place under the pretext of injury, and Ali lost gold to another of her compatriots, Ekaterina Bukina. Annabelle did not count the silver and two thousand dollars in prize money for her failure, as did her coach, who on the evening of the third day of the tournament conquered everyone at a traditional banquet with non-traditional African dances and a “moon path” in his own performance.

The best memory

The debutants of the XXI tournament “Ivan Yarygin” were the Spanish team, consisting of three people – athletes Jose Luis Puentes and Jose Cuba, as well as coach Alexander Kachelaev. Representatives of southwestern Europe traveled to Krasnoyarsk from North Ossetia, where they were at the training camp. The coach of the national team spoke about the Siberian impressions.

– We came to Krasnoyarsk for the first time at the invitation of the FSBR, we are very pleased with the reception, the competitions are held at the highest level. I have already told Natalya Yarygina that the last World Championship, which took place in Denmark, was much worse organized. What we saw here amazed us: good-natured people, a full hall of fans, which is rarely seen even at the World Cup. This suggests that the struggle in Krasnoyarsk is developing and will live for a very long time. I knew Ivan Yarygin himself, and this tournament is the best memory that can only be about him.

– How did you end up in Spain?
– I’ve been living there for 20 years. By the way, I ended up there in the direction of Ivan Sergeevich. In 1990, he invited me to go there and work for one year. But a year later, the leadership of the Spanish federation asked me to work for another year. Then another and another … In general, I still work.

– Is wrestling popular in Spain?
– Of course, it cannot be compared with how wrestling is developed in Russia and in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In Spain, more attention is paid to football, basketball, tennis, and rowing. And wrestling is in its infancy. But every year there are more and more children attending, at the last world championships the Spanish women have achieved success.

– Did you manage to see something in Krasnoyarsk besides the tournament?
– Oh, we are very lucky! On the very first day, despite the difficult road, we were taken to the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station. We saw Divnogorsk, took good pictures – this memory will remain for life. This is not the first time in Krasnoyarsk, but the last time was a long time ago. And I am simply surprised by the local nature, although in Spain it is no worse. But yours is beautiful precisely in its severity.

“Mom, I want a gold medal!”

Thirty-year-old Ukrainian Ekaterina Burmistrova came to the Krasnoyarsk tournament for the fourth time. Twice she returned home with a catch – gold and bronze. This year Burmistrova again reached the final, where she was opposed by the Mongolian Bayarakh. The fight was principled, as at the last World Championship in Denmark, the Asian won a victory over the Ukrainian. And in Krasnoyarsk, Catherine took revenge. “I really wanted to win,” she admitted. “Moreover, my daughter let her go to the competitions and said that she only wanted a gold medal.”

Who is Yarygin?

If a Russian wrestler can rattle off the biography of Ivan Yarygin at any time of the day or night with burning eyes, then foreigners sometimes do not even know which great athlete they come to the memorial. So, the bronze medalist of the tournament, Alisa Lampi from the USA, when asked what she knows about the two-time Olympic champion, answered: “Nothing, to be honest … Who is this?” After listening to a brief excursion, she was amazed at the scale of Ivan Sergeevich’s personality.

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