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Frankly, it seemed exactly a year ago that the tournament in memory of Ivan Yarygin was “tired”. This caused very serious concerns, because the January holiday of freestyle and women’s wrestling for Krasnoyarsk is something more than just a competition.This is a competition that is often written about in various sports blogs, such as a Parmatch blog. In addition to sports intrigue, this event contains, if you will, a certain political moment: more than once it was proposed to our city to abandon the memorial of the famous countryman in order to move it to the capital and promote it to the fullest. In this case, our region could find itself in a kind of autonomous regime of stay. But they didn’t agree, they didn’t give it away – they kept it. And the XXI International Grand Prix Tournament “Ivan Yarygin” has shown again: the future of world wrestling is unthinkable without Krasnoyarsk!

– Two or three years ago it seemed to me that the tournament froze in place, but, fortunately, it turned out not to be so, – President of the two-time Olympic champion foundation, member FILA bureau Natalya Yarygina also, it turns out, celebrated the period of stagnation of these competitions. – Now the number of foreign delegations is increasing – this is a good indicator. So, African countries wanted to come last year, but they did not issue a visa correctly. Next year Spain is promised to be with the full complement, the French. The tournament will be even more representative if we keep up with what we have planned.

By the way, the current “Ivan Yarygin” broke many records: for example, the total number of delegates even before the start of the competition approached 400 people. According to and. about. Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Territory Sergei Gurov, the regional government was even forced to open additional funding in order to accept everyone. The tournament caused a special stir in the vastness of Russia. According to the regulations, the number of athletes from the host should be strictly limited, but the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR) received many applications in excess of the quota. To resolve the situation, the organizers decided to hold an additional qualification the day before the official start – the winners were admitted to the main draw.

“Even we did not expect that so many wrestlers would come,” said Shamil Nevretdinov, head of the FSBR freestyle wrestling department. – Moreover, there is no one below the masters of sports, prize-winners of the Russian championships.

– Five years ago, it was the FSBR that came out with a proposal to structure the FILA calendar in order to single out an elite group of tournaments, – the first vice-president of the FSBR Georgy Bryusov explains the reasons for the unthinkable excitement. – The fact is that the most prestigious competitions are the Olympic Games, World Championships, European and Asian Championships. But the circle of athletes who can compete for high places there is very narrow. The establishment of an elite series of tournaments should increase the interest in wrestling among the rest. Because there is a very clear decline in interest in those countries whose wrestlers cannot make their way to the podium. We grasped this idea, although it has not yet been fully implemented, we suggested that it would not be possible to get to the Golden Grand Prix finals through the finals of the World and European Championships. This year, this rule was first implemented with the support of FILA President Rafael Martinetti. And in order to get a jackpot of 500 thousand dollars in Baku, where the final will take place, one must participate in all tournaments of the series. So far there are two stages – “Ivan Yarygin” and a tournament in Uzbekistan or Hungary.

– I fought in tournaments and for 300 people, – recalls the three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Alexander Karelin. – This complicates the perception of the competition by the audience, as the tournament grid is too tight and it is hard for the judges. The optimal number of participants should be no more than two hundred. Although, this is the only freestyle wrestling tournament in Russia of this rank, and it is obvious that all leading schools want to put up their participants so that they go through this crucible of the most intense fights.

The record number of tournament participants has become a serious test for judges and spectators. So, on the first day, the competition program ended two hours later instead of half past eight, and on Saturday it was also out of schedule. But by God, there was something to see here.

– Exciting fights, intense struggle, – head coach Viktor Alekseev shares his impressions. – It was disappointing, of course, that some of our fighters, whom we counted on, lost. In the first days, I liked the Ukrainian Ekaterina Burmistrova, who won 67 kg in weight, and the Korean Yan Ter In, who became the winner in the flyweight. And finally, of course, Yura Belonovsky gave us a gorgeous gift.

It was a gorgeous find of the organizers – apart from the main part of the tournament, to hold the Ivan Yarygin Cup in the absolute category (the last time the local stands roared like that several years ago, when Buvaysar Saytiev and Makhach Murtazaliev came together in the final of the Yarygin tournament for life and death ). Krasnoyarets Yuri Belonovsky first became the strongest in the weight category of 96 kg, defeating the titled Georgy Ketoev on the way to the final, and then in the main duel of the “absolute” coping with the pressure of 120-kg Belarusian Alexander Shemarov. “Probably, this is my day,” summed up tired Belonovsky. “This is Yurin’s day,” Shemarov repeated several minutes later without saying a word. By the way, Belonovsky also received a special prize from the regional government – a certificate for receiving 350 thousand rubles.

Of the results of the tournament, precious to the heart of Krasnoyarsk wrestling fans, it is worth highlighting the triumph of Lorisa Oorzhak, who won everyone in the 48 kg category. Having recovered from a severe accident, she again dominated her weight, deservedly received a certificate for 250 thousand rubles from the mayor of Krasnoyarsk Petr Pimashkov.

At the end of the competition and. about. Governor of the region Edkham Akbulatov, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Uss and deputy of the regional parliament Anatoly Bykov were awarded the FILA gold orders, and. about. the Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy Sergei Gurov was awarded a silver order, and the head of Krassport, Sergei Kochan, received a bronze.

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