The bride on the way to Olympus

The 22nd international tournament in freestyle and women’s wrestling of the elite series “Golden Grand Prix“ Ivan Yarygin ”was attended by many talented applicants for wrestling glory and already eminent athletes who were eager to join the national team or firmly settled there. And there were no less honored guests who left an indelible mark on the history of their sport.

Both of them agreed: the competition, as always, passed without a hitch and the organizers provided for almost all the little things that should have allowed athletes to demonstrate their skills, and the audience to enjoy their art.

Not superfluous measures

In connection with the tragedy in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport in Krasnoyarsk, the frost was also increased in 18 countries, and in women – from 12. Even a representative of the poorest country in the world, Sierra -Leone. It is worth noting that 58 people spoke from Mongolia.

Despite the fact that this year is licensed for Russian national teams, and the Krasnoyarsk forum, in fact, starts the battle for a place at the Olympic Games in London, some of the leading domestic fighters were not on tournament. In particular, the reigning world champions Viktor Lebedev, Denis Tsargush, Besik Kudukhov and Bilyal Makhov, who, due to slight ailments, could not please the local audience. But, as Mikhail Mamiashvili explained, none of the aforementioned athletes will receive carte blanche for the main competitions of the four-year period.

uhler, I said “stop!”

Alexander Medved, brothers Sergey and Anatoly Beloglazov, Pavel Pinigin, Adam Saytiev and many others watched their possible successors with undisguised interest. The legendary wrestler of the classical style Alexander Karelin also arrived. True, for a very short time. I remember San-Sanych on this visit, perhaps, because he almost overturned the water cooler, leaning on it. In general, it was curious and at the same time pleasant to see how warmly outstanding wrestlers treated each other. At this tournament, a significant ceremony of presenting honorary awards to members of the hall of fame of the national wrestling took place – Olympic champions Pavel Pinigin, brothers Adam and Buvaisar Saitiev and Arsen Fadzaev. But, unfortunately, the last two could not come for various reasons.

The bears, dressed in wrestling tights, which were designed to maintain a festive atmosphere, were a little disappointing. They wandered dejectedly around the platform with carpets, as if they felt like they were not at a major sporting event, but in a forest where they were about to start cutting down trees. Although many old-timers of the tournament said that a couple of years ago, clubfoot entertained people who came to the hall with various somersaults and beautiful throws.

The prize fund of the Golden Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin has been significantly increased this year. It amounted to 150 thousand dollars. The winners received four thousand green, silver and bronze medalists – two and one, respectively. And the prize money intended for the best wrestlers in the absolute weight category was 25 thousand dollars. In general, in addition to moral satisfaction, the participants in the event of a successful performance received a very solid material reward.

Our golden girls

Anna Polovneva, who fought in the kaataka, brought the first gold medal to the piggy bank of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. She opened her visor. As a result, shortly before the end of the period, the score was 5: 4 in favor of the guest. But in a matter of seconds before the siren went off, Anna evened the score. Thus, the last effective action brought her victory in the period, the fight and the tournament.

– I created problems for myself, dashed off to my heart’s content, – admitted Polovneva. – The rival in the finals is not easy, I knew her well, since we recently fought at the Russian Cup. This is my first victory at the Ivan Yarygin tournament, and I want to dedicate it to my one-year-old son.

In the category up to 67 kg, the favorite of the competition, Yulia Bartnovskaya, lost in the final to another rival, Darima Sanzhieva from Buryatia. They met more than once, but each time the meetings ended in victory for Krasnoyarsk. Sanzhieva later admitted: I was doubly glad that I managed to beat Bartnovskaya in her homeland.

Alena Starodubtseva, who competed in weight up to 72 kg, also won silver. After the final unsuccessful fight for her, the athlete was not criticized only by those who did not watch this fight. Starodubtseva was chided by Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy Sergei Gurov, who wrote in his blog: “Maybe I’m wrong, but there was a feeling that she herself did not believe that she could win.” And the head coach of the Russian women’s wrestling team, Yuri Golubovsky, said that Alena simply could not cope with the excitement.

Sat is the master of the stands

At the Yarygin tournament, 25 Krasnoyarsk athletes got a chance to prove themselves: 13 men and 12 women. Opan Sat and Anzor Urishev, who took the first places, achieved the greatest success among the representatives of the stronger sex on their own carpets. The audience especially supported the Tuvan, who performed in weight up to 60 kg. And he thanked them, having dealt with his opponents in an excellent attacking style. In the final, Sat met with the Dagestani Rasul Murtazaliev. In the first period, Opan took a point, which decided the outcome of this segment, and in the second period, the fan favorite took four points, without giving the opponent a single one. The audience roared.

– I won largely thanks to the well-built tactics and tips of the coach, – the champion shared after the decisive battle. – I was pleased that I was supported by the fans who were waiting for success here, and this also helped a lot. I dedicate my victory to them and my parents.

The second Krasnoyarsk winner of the tournament – Anzor Urishev, performing in the category up to 84 kg, met in the final with another Krasnoyarsk player – Albert Saritov, whom, by the way, the audience clearly supported in this pair. The guys know each other very well, so they acted carefully. The first period remained without effective action. As a result, the lot was more favorable to Anzor, who took the capture, and with it the point. And in the second, Urishev managed to transfer his opponent to the ground a few seconds before the end of the two minutes and earn a point.

– I was determined to fight to the last, – said the winner. – The opponent works on his hands, knits, does not go to the legs. It is very uncomfortable for me. I tried to go to my legs and punched my arms, this led to the fact that I still took the victory point.

The bronze medal in the weight up to 96 kg was won by the last year’s winner of the Yaryginsky tournament Yuri Belonovsky. Having lost in the semifinal bout to Vladislav Baitsaev, the Krasnoyarsk player defeated Alexander Kolgin in the fight for the third place. Both periods ended with a score of 1: 0.

Yarygin Cup

Much to the disappointment of the audience, none of the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers took part in the decisive match of the Yarygin Cup in the absolute weight category. The fight between the two Dagestani namesakes Akhmedov ended with the victory of Bakhtiyar. The heavyweight won against the lighter Shamil in two periods – 1: 0 and 3: 1. The score seems to be not great, but at the same time, Bakhtiyar did not give the audience a second to doubt his superiority over his opponent.

A notch in memory

Somehow imperceptibly – fight after fight, final after final – Three days of the international tournament in women’s and freestyle wrestling “Golden Grand Prix“ Ivan Yarygin ”and the crowning match for the Ivan Yarygin Absolute Cup have passed. And the hall of the Sports Palace became empty. But the drama of the athletes’ fights that literally hovered in the air every day, the beauty of their muscular bodies, the strength of their characters, their ability to pay tribute to the winner, even for a defeat that hurt to tears, all this remained in the grateful memory of the witnesses of the fights of the Yaryginsky tournament. And it seems that many not only spectators, but also the wrestlers themselves will return their thoughts to fights that have already become history. One of these stories you can read in the Parimatch blog article Analyze your actions, discuss the vicissitudes of the competition with mentors. Draw conclusions from your miscalculations so as not to repeat them. And vice versa – to develop your successes, discoveries in your future career. This means that again Yaryginsky left his indelible mark, not only in memory, but also in the fate of fighters from various parts of our country and such distant countries as Sierra Leone.

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