The cup remains in Krasnoyarsk

Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, looking at the table of the RF Cup in freestyle wrestling, held in our city, would probably say: “Yes, not every team of wrestlers will reach the middle of Russia”. The European part of the country was represented in Krasnoyarsk by athletes from the First Throne and the team of the Moscow region. Asian – by the national teams of the republics of Buryatia, Tyva, Sakha (Yakutia), athletes of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the city of Krasnoyarsk.

The national team of the Moscow Region confidently defeated their rivals, taking in group “B ”First place and securing the right to challenge the Cup in fights with the wrestlers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. But Anatoly Beloglazov, the senior coach of the professional club CSKA, who heads the regional team, did not hide his disappointment.

– The timing for the tournament, – said Beloglazov, – was chosen by the federation very poorly. Competitions of the strongest wrestlers of Russia are being held in Krasnodar these days. In addition, at the end of the year, there are practically no funds left in the regions for sending athletes. The international calendar is quite rich and influences the Russian calendar. But even this circumstance could be used to check the nearest reserve of the national team of the country and stimulate the training of athletes on the ground. For this purpose, it would be possible to hold cup competitions during the preparation or participation of the national team in the World Championship. But we should go back to the regulations, which assumed that the strongest teams in the federal districts of the country were selected for the final competitions. Previously, each subject of the federation was represented at the Cup by an adult and youth team, and the points scored by the wrestlers went to the common piggy bank. This step will force them to train their young wrestlers on the ground, and will give specialists the opportunity to view simultaneously the nearest reserve of both the national team and the youth team.

Of course, the presence of teams from our Caucasian republics on the carpets would have decorated the tournament on the Yenisei, would have added intrigue and fire to it. However, I would venture to say that, if not in terms of the content of the fights, pleasing the hearts of gourmets of martial arts, then in terms of the emotional intensity of the fight on the Krasnoyarsk carpets were held at a very high level. Anyone who was an athlete himself will understand me: the opportunity to win, if not the main prize, then the small cups, which are awarded to the teams that took the second or third place, probably added adrenaline with horse doses and boiled the athletes’ pulse up to 180 beats even before stepping onto the carpet. Some of the proximity of success inspires, adds strength, and others – how can you not remember our football team – drives into a stupor. Who would have thought that the Krasnoyarsk national team, after being defeated by zero from the regional team in the sharpest confrontations with the teams of Moscow and the Kemerovo region, among which there were titled athletes, would not only be able to adequately resist them, but also win? But the guys did it by jumping over their heads. Thus, both of our teams were represented in the finals. In small – in the fight for third place and in the main – for the right to own the Cup of Russia.

The wrestlers from the Republic of Sakha and Krasnoyarsk were the first on the day of the final fights in the fight for bronze. Our guests won the starting victory. The second fight on the carcass was won by Ruslan Islamgiriev from Krasnoyarsk. Then the Yakut wrestlers came forward again. Ilez Barakhoev, who won the first period with a score of 6: 0, was close to leveling the score. But in the second, losing to the opponent, he inadvertently rushed into the attack and ran into the carcass. The fourth victory point – the cup competitions were held in seven weight categories – Fedor Ivanov brought the Yakut team. He acted cautiously, but rationally and managed to defeat Ruslan Shotaev.

And now the main final – for the first place. Krasnoyarsk Territory vs. Moscow Region. In the opening match, our Mergen Sanaa faced Shamil Salikhov. At the end of the first period, Mergen managed to transfer his opponent to the ground and score a victory point. The second ended in vain. The lot smiled at Salikhov, and he implements the appointed clinch. The decisive period, the situation repeated itself, but the lot and skill were on the side of Krasnoyarsk. After the second fight, which Opan Sat confidently and beautifully won, Krasnoyarsk took the lead – 2: 0. Darsam Dzhaparov is doing everything possible to cut the bill. He even wins the first period. But Israil Kasumov in the second takes a convincing revenge – 4: 0, and in the third – with difficulty, but consolidates his success. Two subsequent fights for the Moscow region – Rashid Kurbanov and Murad Koytemirov literally gnaw out victory points from Isa Daudov and Bekkhan Kurkiev. The advantage of the Krasnoyarsk team is becoming shaky – 3: 2 and the audience is anxiously awaiting the fight between Yuri Belonovsky and Magomed Musaev. But only Krasnoyarsk comes out on the carpet. The judges announce that Musaev is being removed due to injury. Our cup! The victory of Kirill Gotovtsev in the third period of a dramatic fight with the ambitious, powerful and technical 120-kilogram Barsag Kesaev finally convinced everyone that the Krasnoyarsk Territory team is really the strongest. The final score was 5: 2.

However, the winners’ coach Viktor Alekseev did not look happy.

– I have not yet retired from the struggle, – Viktor Petrovich admitted, – I was very worried about the guys. Almost all the athletes had had the flu, so there were fears that we would not be able to prepare them for the tournament fully armed. But they are great – they trained very purposefully and managed to reach a good level. I don’t want to highlight anyone – everyone gave everything he could. But one cannot fail to say about our miners – Mergen Sanaa and Opan Sat were the first to come out on the carpet and invariably won. From them came confidence and a fighting mood, which were transmitted to the team. Yura Belonovsky and Israil Kasumov had a very good tournament. We decided to test Israel at the Cup in the weight of 66 kg, and he showed real character. As well as our heavyweight Kirill Gotovtsev. You yourself saw – he put the winning point in our performance. I would also like to note Zaur Botayev, who was a real captain and very much supported the team with his confidence and experience.

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