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On the eve of the opening of the 10th Wrestling Festival for the Cup of the Head of Krasnoyarsk, the “Stadium” correspondent met with the founder of the freestyle wrestling school in our city, Honored Coach of the USSR and Russia Dmitry Mindiashvili. The conversation began with the question: what is the originality and significance of the upcoming “consolidated” tournament for him?

– For me, the Festival of Wrestling for the Cup of the Mayor, which starts for the tenth time in Krasnoyarsk at the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace on December 26, is not just a major youth tournament – it is a bright celebration of wrestling. It does not exist by itself, but is a systemic, I would say, tournament. The festival is crowned with a series of leading competitions held in sports schools in districts and cities of the region and beyond. And the fact that representatives of several types of martial arts will converge on the carpets at once is just wonderful. I am very happy for the boys, for whom a tournament has been held for a decade now, where our guys from freestyle wrestling can meet and see what they are doing and what success their peers have achieved, who have chosen judo, sambo or Greco-Roman wrestling. At such competitions, which are akin to the Olympic Games or Spartakiads of the country, where athletes of different sports compete at the same time, they always fight for victory with special passion, with special dedication – for the honor of their country, for the honor of the city, district, sports school. And the feeling of patriotism, about which we all talk a lot, is not brought up here from under a stick – it arises naturally and without pressure. The guys cheer for their fellow countrymen from other types of martial arts, support them, rejoice at their successes, experience failures with them. And the feeling of rivalry, the desire to win does not negate young wrestlers’ respect for their rivals, which often develops into long-term friendship. Especially – respect for the more skillful and strong. A real athlete will always say to himself (and will not say, this is how coaches will help): if the one who defeated me could become like that, why can’t I do it? And he will train even harder.

– But still there is only one champion, someone will lose …
– In sports, ultimately, there are no losers. Everyone who goes to sports sections wins. First of all – yourself. Do not forget that sport is not only pleasure, but also work. And through work, through sports, children gain health, strength, dexterity, and self-confidence. Do not close your eyes to the fact that the children who come to wrestling festivals in Krasnoyarsk are in many ways an example for their peers. They are tucked up, neatly trimmed, well built, healthy – real statesmen in the future. We need a healthy society in all respects. Even the ancient Greeks said that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. A kind of Hellenic philosophy was reflected in this formula. Russia needs defenders of the Fatherland, healthy families, capable workers. It is no secret that many of our teenagers already have bad habits: they smoke or even drink alcohol. And such well-organized competitions as the wrestling festival – with colorful opening ceremonies, awarding prize-winners and winners with valuable prizes – raise the status of children involved in sports, attract new boys to the section. We have to say thanks to the mayor of the city Pyotr Ivanovich Pimashkov and the State Institution “Krassport”, who presented the children with the Festival of Wrestling.

– But we are still far from the ancient Greeks, perhaps?
– Not only before them. In our country, according to statistics, in 2008 about seven percent were involved in sports, this year the figure is 11 percent. In the United States, people who play sports make up 60 percent of the population. And there are a lot of countries to which we are at times inferior in terms of this quality of life indicator. Our President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are seriously concerned about this state of affairs. I know that the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Alexander Khloponin, and the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk, Petr Pimashkov, are preparing a number of measures for the further development of the physical culture and sports movement in the city and the region. Despite the fact that we occupy one of the leading positions in Russia in this respect. And the Festival of Wrestling is direct propaganda and agitation – in the best sense of these words – for sports, for a healthy lifestyle.

I will say again that these competitions, along with the upcoming tournaments for the prizes of Buvaysar Saytiev and the Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin, along with numerous competitions in honor of our outstanding wrestlers – Aleksey Shumakov, Viktor Alekseev, Vladimir Batny, and other tournaments held in cities of the region, are systemic tournaments for the development of wrestling in the Krasnoyarsk region. They feature athletes of all ages and skill levels from all over our region. 40 thousand people are regularly engaged in various types of wrestling and single combats in the region. And next weekend, Krasnoyarsk residents have the opportunity to see future sports stars of Krasnoyarsk in our best sports palace. Our young men already know a lot, and they fight recklessly, enthusiastically, they experience their victories and defeats to tears. Children’s sports have their own special appeal: there is no cold calculation in fights, which is present in fights of mature masters. Come – you won’t regret it, and bring your kids with you. Let them see their peers in business – sambists, judokas, those who are engaged in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling – maybe they, too, will want to become as strong, agile, skillful.

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