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The breath of the approaching Summer Olympic Games in London was felt in the composition of the participants in the VIII Open All-Russian Tournament in freestyle and women’s wrestling for the prizes of the Dmitry Mindiashvili Academy of Wrestling. The fact is that the medalists and winners of the World and European Championships arrived in Krasnoyarsk as part of the national teams of Turkey and Mongolia. Many of the strongest athletes and sportswomen flew in from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, having bright victories and Olympic ambitions in their track record.

Of course, their main goal is to prepare for the Grand Prix tournament Ivan Yarygin, however, in the struggle for the Academy prizes, they were stopped not by this, but by the skill of their rivals. Nevertheless, the Turkish wrestler Gyurbuz Ali managed to become the champion in the absolute weight category, and the Kazakh athletes Ayim Abdildina and Elena Shalygina – in the categories up to 59 and 83 kg, respectively.

On the first day of the tournament, the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers also successfully performed, who received a ticket to big sports under the guidance of the city sports school freestyle wrestling coaches. And it is understandable why its leader, Honored Coach of Russia Georgy Bakhturidze was in a great mood on the final day of the competition.

– More than thirty athletes from both our former pupils and current students of the city SDYUSSHOR took part in the tournament. Most of them represent the nearest reserve of the adult and junior national teams of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Yesterday in three weight categories out of five the guys who started their way in our school, and now train in the Academy of wrestling, won. These are Albert Saritov (84 kg), Yuri Belonovsky (96 kg), and Evgeny Yolgin (120 kg). The third place of Evgeny’s brother – Ivan (96 kg) is also pleasing. This is a great success for their mentors – Vladimir Modosyan, Viktor Luchiskens and Sergey Vyalkov. Other young wrestlers haven’t made it into the top three yet, but fought actively – and many of them showed interesting, technical wrestling. I expect that today we will not be left without medals. I think that students of the sports school Israil Kasumov and Isa Daudov can perform very well, although strong wrestlers from Mongolia, Turkey and Russia compete in their scales.

But back to the tournament. On the second day, our guys also broke through to three finals. They broke through, because Zelimkhan Kutsaev, Israil Kasumov, and Isa Daudov faced strong rivals on their way to the first place. Not once or twice they put our athletes in a difficult position. To the credit of Krasnoyarsk, they managed to win back the lost points, wriggle out of dangerous situations and achieve victories. True, this speaks not only of their will and fighting qualities, but also that other wrestlers did not always have enough experience and composure, skill.

Buryat wrestler Bato Badmaev opposed Kutsaev in the title fight. In a double-edged battle with a number of sharp, spectacular episodes, luck was on the side of our guest from Buryatia, who won in the weight category up to 60 kg. In the other two finals, the Krasnoyarsk athletes were represented by students of the city sports school Israil Kasumov and Isa Daudov. And pupils of Anatoly Manuilov and Islam Matiev did not let their mentors down. 19-year-old Kasumov convincingly defeated the more experienced Mongolian athlete Onorbata Purevzhava in a bright and dynamic battle, which brought no less intense emotions to the fans. But the duel between Daudov and the titled Ayan-ool Ondar, who represented the Tyva Republic, turned out to be more closed and cautious. It is not surprising. How else to build a duel with a thirty-year-old fighter who has known success both in Russian championships and at many international tournaments? The first period ended in vain. The lot favored the young aspirant for recognition, and Israel seized the chance. Let not without difficulty, but earned a victory point. In the second round, Ondaru was forced to attack, which was skillfully and competently used by Daudov, who managed to score a victory point in a counterattack and win the title of the tournament winner.

We asked the senior coach of the Krasnoyarsk Territory team, master sports of international class Andrey Lykov.

– Our young wrestlers have pleased, – he said, – but there are those who have upset. I hope the carpet showed not only to us, the coaches, but also to the athletes themselves that they are not doing enough in training. Kasumov was pleasantly surprised. He not only fought well – he went out on the carpet as if to fight. Not just to fight, to win if it works out, but went out only to win. This was evident both in his attitude and in the way he acted in fights. Well done! Evgeny Yolgin made me very happy – he passed all the rivals perfectly, and in the final he defeated the strong Turkish heavyweight Fatih Chakyrogau. Albert Saritov started the tournament rather weakly, but then he realized that he had to fight with all his might and won. I expect from the upcoming Yaryginsky tournament that it will be a tournament of young, hungry for success, wrestlers eager to break into the London Olympics. We have a couple of weeks to prepare for the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix and bring the wrestlers to it in their best condition.

Women’s wrestling in the Krasnoyarsk Territory was represented mainly by young athletes. The titled ladies were presented only by Yulia Bartnovskaya, who confirmed her class by taking the title in the category up to 72 kg. This success was supported by Elena Timashkova and Lyubov Oleinikova, who won in the categories up to 51 and 55 kg.

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