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The Krasnoyarsk team performed well at the national championship in Greco-Roman wrestling. Following the motto of Alexander Suvorov, they acted not by number, but by skill: the regional team won third place in the fight against much more numerous teams from other regions of Russia.

Nazyr Mankiev won the championship titles and Adam Kurak. Amin Laipanov was also close to the gold medal, confidently reaching the final. He also started the decisive fight for the title of champion of the country with the same solidity, he performed an excellent attacking technique, earning two points. However, the referees found in the course of the technique our athlete also had a reason to give points to his opponent. As a result, on the scoreboard instead of 2: 0, the numbers 2: 2 lit Laipanov reacted too emotionally to this and lost his concentration for a while, which was immediately taken advantage of by his rival, “rolling” him another point. Nevertheless, Mikhail Gamzin, Laipanov’s coach, evaluates his performance in Krasnodar positively, believing that a misfire in the final should serve the wrestler in the future, and Amin will learn a lesson from the defeat.


After Beijing, Nazyr Mankiev’s “musical pause” in training lasted for five months. This is a common practice in sports, where the athlete goes through a recovery process after completing a busy Olympic cycle. After the extreme stresses of the nervous system, emotional accumulators are recharged – from communication with family and friends, from staying at home. Nazyr was preparing for the national championship, as he himself says, thoroughly, but without haste and afterburner. And without even having acquired, by his own admission, his highest athletic form, he confidently passed the entire tournament of the national championship and ended it with the final duel, in which he put his opponent on his shoulder blades.

– I’m not a fan of winning on the carcass, – says Mankiev, – it is much more interesting to win due to the advantage in effective techniques, to win in wrestling. I don’t have a detailed plan: first I do this technique, then another, then a third. We, of course, with Mikhail Alexandrovich (Gamzin. – Author’s note) have a certain tactical plan, but in general I act according to the situation that arises on the carpet. After all, the opponent is also preparing for the fight, trying to present surprises, so you need to be on the lookout. I love to fight and win. And I myself get pleasure from it, and the audience, probably, too. I could, for example, finish my first, second fights in the championship quite quickly, but it was more important for me to feel again that I could fight actively and skillfully throughout the entire fight, check my body, breathe, as we say. And in the final he decided that he could earn gold and earn money on the carcass, since such an opportunity arose. After all, I played for the team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, for my brother Bekkhan, with whom we play in the same category, but he, like Aslanbek Khushtov, was released from the Russian championship, so I thought: why postpone what can be done now.


Having done his job, Nazyr actively switched to supporting his teammates. As Adam Kurak said, Mankiev’s calm confidence in your strength, precise advice, remarks during the tournament helped him to get ready for the fight correctly, to build a duel correctly. Therefore, we asked to comment on the performance of teammates Nazyr Mankiev.

– I’m not a professor of psychology – Nazyr smiled, – I just helped the guys as much as I could. And I set them up the way I usually set up myself. In general, I think that young promising guys performed well, although they didn’t get to the medals, but they got the necessary experience of fighting at the highest level. Amin Laipanov performed with dignity in the category up to 120 kg. He could have won, but there was a little struggle in the final. And on the way to him, Amin won against very strong wrestlers. I think that his silver in the national championship is a real success…. I liked Adam Kurak very much. He fought in a collected manner and did not pay attention to the score on the scoreboard, to whom the judges gave the point. He went out onto the carpet, believed in himself and fought hard for victory. Every second – until the very end of the fight.

Didn’t break if the opponent won during the fight – he went forward and won. In its weight (up to 66 kg) there were very strong wrestlers – only 44 people – but Kurak was the first. So he needs to fight on. I wish Adam to gain a foothold in the national team of the country and also confidently then perform at the World and European Championships. Team bronze is also a good result. But the national team of our region could perform even more successfully. And the point is not only that this time Aslanbek Khushtov and Bekkhan Mankiev were not in its composition. If Greco-Roman wrestling in general and our promising wrestlers received more attention, primarily from sponsors, patrons, we could take even higher places as a team, and have more wrestlers in the national team, win more medals for Krasnoyarsk region and Krasnoyarsk at international competitions. It’s not about Khushtov and me – we have the opportunity to prepare well for the season, go to competitions, training camps – I’m talking about those promising wrestlers who already know a lot, who believed that they could reach our level, but they do not have enough training camps , lack of experience of participating in strong tournaments. I would like the regional team to be not one of the best in Russia, but the strongest in the country.

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