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Last May, he became a father for the third time. In August he became a three-time Olympic champion. The legendary freestyle wrestler Buvaysar Saitiev spoke about the most important things that happened after the Games in Beijing and plans for the future in an interview with SportWeek. more than eight months have passed. Have you somehow experienced it, appreciated it, put it on the shelves?
– No, there has not been any analysis yet. Probably because I do not plan to continue playing, everything turned out not as usual after a big tournament. There was no analysis, no gradual recovery from peak form. After their return to Beijing, a series of obligatory ceremonial events took place – and everyday life began. For me, she is very desirable. To be honest, I missed this life – when you can not strain, not overload. For many years, almost my entire adult life, I spent away from my family, devoted very little time to my family and friends. Now I am trying to fill this gap. The last Olympics somehow quickly faded into the background. And the struggle in general. I am not preparing for anything now, I do not follow the events and results specially. Although in general, of course, they are aware of everything that is happening – they call and tell.

– And when you attend a competition as an honored guest, does it start to tremble inside?
– Absolutely. Probably too little time has passed yet. What is eight months in terms of history?

– What is Buvaysar Saytiev’s everyday life?
– Home, family, friends. And, of course, I try to be useful to the struggle – the way I understand both usefulness and struggle. In a new position, but with a lot of experience and deep knowledge that I really want to convey. This year there will already be two junior freestyle wrestling tournaments for my prizes – to the traditional one, already the fifth in Krasnoyarsk, a completely new one will be added in Belgium. I think this week I will open my official website – www.buvaysar.ru. I am building a hall in Khasavyurt …

– Buvaysar Saytiev’s school?
– School of my name in Khasavyurt has existed for more than 10 years, municipal. Now I am building another hall, and it is not so important what the sign will be. The main thing is who and how will teach wrestling there. The transition of athletes to another state is always not very smooth. Someone thinks that he knows a lot and starts shouting about it loudly. Someone, on the contrary, takes offense at everyone, closes down: they say, they saw nothing, heard nothing, I won’t tell anyone. I’m trying to find a middle ground. There is a coach, Salim Nutsalkhanov, who has been preparing me for the Beijing Olympics for the past six months. I took a lot from him, I share his vision of the system and methods of struggle. Together we came to an understanding: there must be a place where you can bring up cool, super-cool fighters. It’s interesting for me to train guys who will be able to prove themselves not only at regional or republican competitions (although they will also have to go through them), but also at the world, Olympic level.

– But you are talking now not about coaching?
– No, not about coaching, but about promoting a methodology, a system, somewhere even a philosophy of wrestling. Using all the communication tools that I have named – tournaments, school, website. We also plan to open branches of our school throughout the country, conduct master classes for children and clinics for trainers, and publish teaching aids. I see the need to create a comprehensive program for the development of freestyle wrestling. My phone never stops – people call from Krasnoyarsk, Buryatia and Yakutia, from all over Siberia and the Far East, from Chechnya and Dagestan with questions, requests for support and help. It is necessary to provide targeted and very practical assistance, help, teach. So far, there are enough resources of my personal and my friends to implement these plans – financial, organizational, and human. And then – let’s see, maybe we’ll have to go to the level of the wrestling federation or the ministry of sports.

– We seem to be talking about your everyday life, but it turns out – it’s all the same about wrestling. How is your day in Khasavyurt? What time do you wake up?
– When I am at home, the schedule is absolutely irregular. I sleep until I wake up.

– And your three sons – Abdurakhim, Alikhan and Deni – do not come running, do they wake up?
– The wife takes them to the kindergarten in the morning, so they do not come running and do not wake them up. And when I am in Khasavyurt, I mostly do my housework. You know, I never had a house of my own – such that I myself did something there, hammered nails. It was not interesting to me, it was not necessary – I was all in a struggle. And now I felt some kind of inner need to take care of my home, family, relatives. We have a completely different way of life, more traditional. There are many reasons why people meet – funerals, weddings, religious rites. If I return after a long absence, first of all, I must visit all the houses where my relatives and acquaintances are gone. There is no such thing in our life in big cities, people have generally forgotten how to communicate. But in small ones, such as Khasavyurt, to visit relatives, read a prayer is a mandatory ritual.

– Your house is impressive.
– Many people tell me: why do you need such a house in Khasavyurt, better build in Moscow. But my home is there, because my homeland is there. When I go out into the yard, I cannot think of anything – I rest in my soul. It’s summer now, a lot of work. We plant trees, we deal with animals – the day flies by.

– Do you plant trees yourself?
– What surprises you so much? I know where, when and which tree is planted. Recently I brought palm trees from Baku – planted, very beautiful, they should take root. The guys are running around, asking: “Dad, will the bananas grow? Will the monkeys appear? ” I think that monkeys are unlikely to appear, without them there are enough animals – dogs, cows, chickens. These living creatures are very smart, we don’t even know how much. With dogs, everything seems to be clear. But mom goes to milk the cows in the morning – they feel her hundreds of meters away and greet her. You go into the barn, give everyone a pinch of hay, forget one – so she will be offended, for several days she will defiantly turn away at your appearance. Home is my priority. Home, family, relationships with loved ones. To the best of my ability, I am engaged in establishing relations with relatives.

– And relations with relatives were ruined?
– They were not ruined. They just weren’t there. We have a big family, mom and dad gave birth to four sons and two daughters. As a child, we lived very amicably – all together in two small rooms. But at 17 I left home – count for 15 years. During this time, my brothers and sisters grew up, got married or got married, had children, they have their own affairs, problems. Although now, thank God, there are no problems.

– Do you often get together with the whole family – with brothers and sisters?
– Every day, in my house. My older brother is a builder. And for the last 2-3 years he has been busy only with me, there is not enough time for anything else. Nephews, cousins, and other relatives work in the yard, in a small wood-processing shop, at a brick mini-factory. The main thing is that everything is always in sight. We had a very difficult period: within five years my father, his three siblings and their father, my grandfather died. The family stayed only with my mother, there were no adult men. And only now we have grown up, got to know life, learn something – and we can pass on our experience.

– Are you the elder, the head of the family?
– Two brothers are older than me, they can tell me anything – and I will. But the head of the family is our mother. All issues are discussed with her, all decisions are made with her consent. Family is everything to me. I alone am not worth, I am nothing. In my life, with all my successful sports career, there have been moments when I could get lost. And the family always came to the rescue. They explained to me, they asked me, they persuaded me, and if nothing helped, they just forced me.

– Are you now an example for all young members of your family?
– My main task now is for everyone to be organized, arranged, healthy. We have a very difficult situation in Khasavyurt. The streets are patrolled by tanks and armored vehicles, special operations take place almost every day, someone is smoked from somewhere. On average, I think there is one policeman per inhabitant, while the mayor’s nephew was killed just last week in the city center. Here it is dangerous, very dangerous … And if in this situation you do not follow the young people, do not instruct, do not teach how to live and behave, they can bring a very big trouble to the family. One wrong action of a young man – a family member can cross everything out. That is why I cannot afford to live in Moscow, to have a good position there, although there are many offers – my soul will still be there, in Khasavyurt. If I run too fast, my family simply won’t keep up with me, and I’m not interested without them.

– Did you kidnap your future wife Indira?
– I got married in old enough not to do such stupid things. This is generally wildness, it has absolutely nothing to do with our religion. How can you steal a person ?! Once I took part in a bride kidnapping, I didn’t like it. And I don’t even know if I would forgive if it affected me.

– Tell me how you met Indira, how did you propose?
– According to our tradition, these issues are usually discussed by women. To a young man who has reached the age when he already needs to get married, sisters and daughters-in-law begin to hint: there is such a girl, there is such … And very soon you already know which girls, from which family, you understand with whom you want to tie your a life. No one will allow a girl from a respectable family to communicate with a young man, even with the groom, one on one. They usually meet at the bride’s neighbors, in the presence of a relative or close friend. They sit at a distance of a meter or two from each other, talk, communicate, try to understand whether they want to be together or not.

– And how was everything with you?
– Me I will not tell you how everything was with me. Our traditions are like that. And I had everything according to traditions.

– Do you manage to raise your sons?
– Unfortunately, I am still not at home so often. But as far as possible I try, of course, to educate. I try to teach simple rules like all parents do. You can’t cheat. You can’t be afraid. You can’t sneak. More, of course, with a senior. But I am already talking with the average. It happens, he says: “Dad, I did not do it – he.” I calmly sit everyone down, find out what really happened, then I try to explain: “It is wrong to speak to someone else …”

– Are you punishing?
– Only with the first one was a little strict – I probably didn’t have enough experience. Now I try not to punish, but to explain. Although, you know, three children together are able to infuriate the very balanced parent. And of course they get it from their mother. The boys really like it when I’m at home – in my presence my wife does not scold them, does not punish them. But my wife gets me: “You spoiled them completely! After you, they no longer obey me. ”

– Do you want your sons to go in for sports – I will not say wrestling?
– Yes, of course. I am sure that young people, especially in our time, should go in for sports. When we live in big cities, when we are not engaged in physical labor, it is imperative to visit some kind of sports section. And athletes will grow out of them, whether they will become champions – this is the second question, frankly, not the most important one.

– I know that you started to train, even went out on the carpet. I wonder why?
– To get a little tired of life again. Too much energy began to accumulate in me. Due to the fact that I do not participate in training camps and competitions, she has no way out. And when I get tired, I feel good.

– But the struggle is finally and irrevocably over?
– You know, the more time passes after Beijing, the more bored I get. Wrestling in itself is a very interesting activity. And now, after the struggle, I have no desire to open up new horizons, to expand my circle of contacts. Believe me, I really don’t want to expand the space of my life, I don’t want to appear on television, I don’t want to be PR. Even after my first Olympics in 1996, I was told: you will not always be an Olympic champion, you will not always win, you will have to adapt, try to snatch something. Probably, someone arranges their life this way, and I cannot blame it. But I’m so – not interested. I always knew – no, it’s over, I didn’t know, but very much hoped that I would play for a long time and, most likely, I would win. And so it turned out. I guess I’m used to trusting my inner feelings. Therefore, I am so calm about what is now. Maybe I haven’t realized yet that I’ve given up the fight. Or maybe I haven’t tied it up with her yet.

– But if you do, at least you should put the wrestlers on the carpet.
– Why should I leave wrestlers on the carpet? Demonstrate that I’m leaving? It’s not interesting that I’m leaving. Now, if I come to the tournament to compete – yes, it will be interesting. Leaving is also such a small PR. When interest in you falls, you gather a hall, give an announcement – and magnificently, with fireworks, part with the wrestlers. You know, no matter how much I adjust myself to this common Russian standard, it still pulls me into my village, into my childhood, into silence … I don’t want to be in the forefront now, ahead of the rest of the planet. And so much real life passed by when I was at the top, in flowers, with self-importance … You keep asking about the future. Thank God I have a lot of options – public, social. And while I look closely, I evaluate. And now we need to formalize, legalize a huge building for a wrestling school, create opportunities for children not only for training, but also for living and for eating. You need to study a lot of documents, go through many instances. The work will go – everything will be completely different.

– So will you or will you not perform yet?
– My elder friend and friend Alikhan Kharsiev insists that I fought this year at some tournament. In the summer it will definitely not work. But in December, perhaps, I will perform in Krasnodar. There is a very good tournament, it was with it that I began my preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing. In early January, traditionally – the championship of the School of Higher Sports Excellence in Krasnoyarsk, qualifying for the Yarygin tournament, which takes place in the last week of January. Don’t ask anymore, I won’t say anything anyway.

– What are you dreaming about now?
– I have no personal goals that could be categorized as “dreams”. All my dreams now are about something else. I want there to be no war and the sun to shine. So that people are more patient, gentle and smile more often. To find an opportunity to speak kind words to each other and confess love. I want the current very fast and extremely informational time not to drive us – anywhere.

– I thought you would say that you are dreaming of a daughter – after three sons.
– God willing, the daughter will be. In the meantime, I would like to deal with those who are.

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